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Artie Rodriguez

The Multi-talented Artie was Manhattan born and Brooklyn raised. His musical backround began at the age of five. It was then that Artie learned to play music with soul. His music and performance reflect the very strength of what is called " Street Music "

Artie is a producer,Artist,Musical Arranger,Vocal Arranger,Studio Engineer, And Writer. His music has been played on radio stations across the country. Such shows as; The Geraldo Rivera Show, Life Goes On, Batman The Series, The Mauray Povich Show, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Video And many Cable T.V. Shows.

Artie has and is working with such greats as The Village People, Johnny O., Savour, Int'l Baby Vivian & Arsenia, Chrissy I-eece, Fascination, George Lamond, &More, Tonasia, Judy Torres, Vizion, Nesi, And Of Couse ARTIE.

Artie's current hit "Now That It's Over" on EX-IT Records is burning up record pool charts across the country and abroad. Such as; Paris, Brazil, and Canada. His hit single is on rotation in California and Chicago it has been played on Mega 97.9 NEW YORK, 103.5 KTU New York, B96 in Chicago. "Now That It's Over" Finished No.28 on the top 40 listof DMA magazine.

Artie's current single "I Believed" with backround vocals by: Johnny O. Also has the potential to slam the charts. With four mixes that are sure to rock clubs and keep his fans happy as usual. Look for it ina store near you!!!

Artie is a strong and talented artist, Producer And Writer. He has become a household name in the music industry!!!

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